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The lockdown with reference to the COVID 19 has triggered a massive exodus of migrant labourers and wageworkers from cities back to the rural villages as they had lost their jobs due to shutting down of industries and were stranded outside their native places wanting to get back.  Financial burden was a major problem resulting in severe crises rather than crises due to COVID 19.

Considering this situation as a big challenge, Dharti Ke Laal a new Farm Project has been introduced in Guna district located in Madhya Pradesh state of India.

Madhya Pradesh, with its large area, enjoys diverse climatic and soil conditions suitable for a broad range of agricultural products. Agriculture sector in Madhya Pradesh forms the backbone of its economy.

The village, Govindpura, Tahsil Madhusudangara in Guna district is working for Socio-economic up-liftment of the farmers within district through natural farming, which is a farming practice that believes in natural growth of crops without adding any fertilizers and pesticides or any other foreign materials. It is the goal of self-sufficiency in agriculture is to make a farmer productive as well as an entrepreneur.

As we know, Agriculture is the backbone of our country. With over 70 percent Indian households, still dependant on farming,

We are a young team of enthusiasts who believe that our villages play a very significant role in the identity of our nation through farm and cultivation in a traditional means and methods. We aspire to give each village in the country a voice of its own.

This operations range from research, cultivation, harvesting, processing, manufacturing, trading, wholesaling, retailing, innovating, creating a market for and promoting the products both across the state and the country.

The main objective to start up this farm project is to employee the village people in our country to protect vulnerable people, including smallholder farmers, agricultural labourers, migrant workers, unemployed people and moreover to help the village women. However, with the unity of the villagers the main aim is to produce the best natural products, which is prepared traditionally.

Agriculture is the most health, most useful, and most noble employment of man.

Traditionally dominated by smallholders, Indian agriculture would now benefit if millions of scattered small farms across the country and are systematically aggregated. This would help reduce transaction costs of the farms for accessing the value chains and make it easier for small farmers to access inputs, technology, and the market.

Our Dream Team

Our Team has a vision to make all out efforts to conceptualize, plan and implement agribusiness, natural farm project and contribute towards the development of the rural economy.

Looking at the current scenario of despair and joblessness, one must look at the brighter side and figure out opportunities that the lockdown has given rise to. Keeping this in mind to handout we Doctors, Engineers, Film Directors, Business people, farmers and many other influential people have come up with an idea and greatly supporting to our Startup Company and work together, which deals with natural farm products to help villagers who are in urgent need of employment using the innovations and technologies. As innovations plays a significant role in producing higher yields in agriculture.