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We are Dharti Ke Laal Farm Project

All was going fine we all were busy in our day to day life, trying to live a normal life.

Suddenly Life took a 360 degree turn, Covid 19 had entered our life. Everyone’s life came to a halt; We had to take a pause from the hustle bustle of our lives the country went in to a lock down.

Each and everyone wanted to stay safe stay at home with their near and dear ones and save life.

Lockdown shut everything many people lost there jobs This uncertainty created a fear in each and every human being. We too wanted to be safe and isolate from this deadly virus we found for a safe place and it was a farmhouse in Madhusudan gadh.

During our stay we realized migrant labours are returning back in large numbers from the city as they lost jobs,. All wanted to be with their family in such trying times. They suffered the most.

The nationwide lockdown labour shortages transport impediments and reduced market access and the farmer’s plight, made us restless. We in our team have an Engineer a doctor a businessman a photographer and a filmmaker.

Then came to light the concept of Dharti ke laal ( son of earth). Whose sole intention is to give farmers their due and work to the needy labours work, and this village gets a new ray of hope to fight life and live life.

Our intention is to create a brand with the help of villagers so that they get their profit their dues and the urbanites in return get a pure product.

We all have thought to ignite this hope in the villagers so that they stay where they are and get their daily wages a Help from Humanity to Human.

This is how we conceived Dharti ke Laal (Son of Earth).

India guiding individuals towards Natural Vegetation Initiative – We are Dharti Ke Laal Farm Project

Village project - Here you get to experience some incredible forms of traditional stone mills, through which you get freshly-powdered masalas made and then get delivered at your doorstep once you order them!
Beginning with the planning of whether how we came up with this fantastic idea begins from here-

Framezomania Production is a house that creates documentaries, commercial shoots, along with brand- marketing that encourages businesses' credibility through their creative approach. It was all going well in all our lives, happily living our normal lives, until Corona hit all around the world left us with confusion! Everything just stopped in front of our eyes, several companies shut down and people losing their jobs. Every one of us did get affected some or the other way, but people who suffered the most were the laborers, as everyone wanted to return to their home town. We were in the same dilemma and we tried to find someplace safe, and after a tiring searching, we reached Madhusudangarh.

Along with us, there were people from various streams such as doctors, engineers, filmmakers, photographers, businessmen, etc who all had left aback their professional lives to attain peaceful life in villages. In between all this, we noticed several laborers are coming back to their hometown in thousands, wondering about whether will they ever get a job again? This is where we came up with this initiative through the support of Framezomania. The main motive behind our initiative was to support farmers by removing the role of a middleman and bridge the gap between, farmers and buyers, who can buy pure natural products from our portal. From village people who used go to metropolitan cities for employment, our initiative also considered helping them by giving work in our farm.

This was our story from where we have begun this journey of helping farmers where Dharti Ke Laal took birth!

Wonderful experiences, divinity and many more, Our village farm has given us a traditional way of living a life with considering food as our main motive to cater to our customers. And the amazing thing about this initiative is to boosts the credibility of the farmers, who are always deprived of their part of profits. Yes, you read that right; here you don't see any involvement of brokers or middlemen. So beginning with how we came up with is idea begins from here-


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