Chilli Powder

Nimad in Khargone district is very famous for the producer of chilli, which are very spicy and the red colour of the chilli powder is a highlighting ingredient in the dishes. Chilli powder adds lots of flavour to dishes while being very low in calories. In addition, the naturally prepared chilli powder in our Nimad farm that gives the bright colour and can set the taste buds on fire, and sometimes the yummy too! It is a spice blend consisting of one or two types of dried red chillies that are ground and pulverized into a fine powder in a traditional way with the help of Stoneware Spice Mixing Grinder. Red Chilli Powder is a rich source of calcium, iron and protein. Along with these, it contains dietary fibres, vitamins and various other required nutrients.





Wheat is one of the world’s most commonly consumed cereal grains. It comes from a type of grass that is grown in countless varieties in the worldwide. In addition, mostly in India grows well in the black soils of Madhya Pradesh and mostly in our Guna district grown naturally. The grain has always provided an important source of vegetable protein in human food. If we consider the Indian food, chapatti or roti is an excellent source of soluble fibre, mainly prepared by wheat, which is nutritious to our health. In addition, chapattis are considered the most famous and versatile of Indian dishes. Wheat contains protein, fat, carbohydrate dietary fibre in the form of starch and iron. Wheat starch itself is considered an important commercial by-product of wheat. However, the quality of the wheat protein grown in the Guna Agricultural belt is considered to be the best.

Dharti Ke Laal Farm Products

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Product story

The main purpose of farming is to add eco¬logical sustainability and agricultural development in our villages and to employee the village people.

Our company prioritizes women empowerment and integrates it into our core business activities, in accordance with Atmanirbhar Bharat a vision with deep roots in India’s intellectual tradition.
Here, we provide natural farm products such as Turmeric powder, Chilli powder, Dhaniya powder and many more, which are prepared using the traditional method wherein, Stoneware Spice Mixing Grinder (Crusher) is used.

The women in the village prepare this with much love to bestow the natural taste that holds a special place in your hearts. Furthermore, the aroma of the products is just amazing. They are definitely worth buying if you want to lend a helping hand in supporting women empowerment and enjoy some authentic spices.

The purpose of natural farming is to develop healthy and nutritious crops as well as save our environment from degradation and pollution. Hence, it is to make maximum possible use of natural resources, thereby avoiding the use of chemicals liable to kill or reduce the activity of beneficial soil organisms and avoiding direct feeding of land with soluble minerals.
The farmer will usually start his day before sunup and work throughout the whole day. It involves a lot of manual labour and persistence. They plough the land, sow the seeds, harvest the crops, etc. Moreover, many of our farmers not only enjoy the luxury of machines or tractors but also rely on intense manual labour and new technologies. Rain or shine, they can never take a day off.


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